Tom Davis

TomDavisTom Davis is known for his work in the fields of strategic communication and crisis management.  He has worked in the United States and internationally with companies such as Amoco, Mobil, Du Pont, Commonwealth Edison, Phillip Morris, and Bethlehem Steel, and has consulted on crisis management in countries ranging from Japan to Kuwait.  He has provided communication training to hundreds of executives, and provided communication support in crises ranging from natural disasters to oil spills, natural gas pipeline explosions, kidnappings, corporate malfeasance, health concerns, transportation strikes, and a host of litigation issues.

For over thirty years Mr. Davis has helped clients in both the government and the private sector address their communication needs. He has led project teams that have helped develop crisis communication strategies for companies including AT&T Wireless, Du Pont Chemicals, and Amoco. Mr. Davis has helped develop, manage and evaluate comprehensive crisis simulations for major corporations, including DuPont, Amoco, Mobil, and Interprovincial Pipeline. 

Mr. Davis’ areas of expertise include risk analysis, risk communication strategy and training, issues management, community relations, and strategic communications counsel. He has lectured widely and written extensively on strategic communication and crisis management, and has appeared as an expert commentator on numerous radio and television programs, including ABC’s Good Morning America.  He helped introduce the principles of crisis management and risk communications to Japan, and had provided crisis management counsel to several Japanese firms. He co-authored the manual used by the Chemical Manufacturers Association to teach crisis management to its members, served as an adjunct professor of crisis communication at American University in Washington, DC, and recently authored a chapter on monitoring for crisis for the PR News Crisis Management Guidebook.