morgan and julie blogDear Susan Davis International,

Where has the time gone?  It seems like just yesterday we were eagerly waiting in the library ready to meet you all.  We came in to this experience with high expectations, and SDI has exceeded each of them.  It’s amazing how much opportunity there is for growth in 15 short weeks!  We are grateful you were all so welcoming and helpful during our time here.  As we are taking away so much from this experience, we hope to leave a small mark on SDI as well.  Everyone in Suite 400 has positively impacted our internship experience, so instead of writing a generic thank you note, we decided it was only right to give those of you we worked with a shout out for all to see.

Aliza – Your enthusiasm is an inspiration to both of us.  It seems like you manage to accomplish what 10 people would in a day, and sometimes you go so fast we swear you’re a blur!  We’ll miss your positivity and dedication to your work.  Your consistent guidance helps us increase our potential.  You’re a good teacher! P.S. Sorry for figuring out Cision didn’t work properly on Google Chrome only two weeks ago!

Allison – What can’t you do?  You are crucial to the SDI team, and your ability to pick up any task and complete it successfully is truly impressive.  Thank you for always being there for any questions we had, and for letting us borrow your gym membership.

Dan – It is hard to imagine you were once in our shoes after seeing your tremendous role and success in your work at SDI.  You are a true leader.  Also – thank you for answering our knock on the door in the early morning when we forgot the key!

Jayne – Thank you for choosing our resumes out of the pile and giving us the opportunity to succeed at SDI.  Thank you for keeping us on track and brightening our day with your emails.  This experience has been made more wholesome and enjoyable because of your guidance, and we wouldn’t be here without you!

Judy – Judy, you’re the  backbone of SDI.  While we worked the corridors of SDI,  we’ve both seen how incredible your role here is.  From leading our media meetings every Monday, and overseeing and offering your help in every single account we have to keep them and the office in ship shape, we can’t imagine SDI without you.

Julie – Though it’s been a short time here with you, we’re so glad we got to be here when you joined SDI!  You jumped right in, and now it’s hard to imagine SDI without your hard work and dedication.  Thanks for being another “Julie!”

Leila – Leila! We’re going to miss you and your laugh.  Whether it’s a question about how to draft talking points or what the best place to camp in South America is, you’re remarkable.  Working with you has been a privilege.  You have taught us so much!  Thanks for being sweet, fun, and encouraging.

Tom – Thanks for always being a smiling face.  Every time you pass by, we’re guaranteed a bright smile and warm hello.  And, the cyber practice is resonant  with your knowledge and expert analysis!

Maddie – Thank goodness we had you to count on as part of the intern team! We were welcomed by Vicky and sad to see her go, but your arrival made everything better again. We’ve loved getting to know you (especially in our cozy little office together) and will miss you tons. Best of luck as you finish school!

Susan – Last but of course not least, thank you, Susan, for bringing us into your company and showing us not only how to be successful in the PR world, but in the world as a whole, and specifically as empowered women.  The work you do and the legacy you’ve built and continue to build is incredible and inspiring.

Please keep in touch!


Morgan Beavers, University of Georgia

Julie Haupin​, Penn State