147864707_51837e6a43_mAhh, the sweet days of summer, when scurrying to retrieve lunch for an office desktop meal turns to loitering coatless in the sun, seduced by thoughts of an early escape. When at day’s end, feet are freed from their leather bindings to glory in the tickling grass. And when memories of summers past feed a yearning for times that can never be replicated, only enjoyed with the fondest of thoughts. Summer is made for memories.  Where do yours take you?

  • Strawberry and ice cream socials next to the river. Yum!

– Susan Davis

  • 4th of July at the Bettendorf, IA Band Shell followed by fireworks where I learned to write my name using a sparkler

– Lisa Miller

  • Catching bullheads on a cane pole while evening stole across the river. Nothing better than watching that red and white bobber start bouncing and then disappear.

– Tom Davis

  • Watching the sunrise from the St. Louis Arch

– Aliza Bran

  • Bringing Trader Joe’s popcorn and dark chocolate peanut butter cups to watch outdoor movies at the Yards Park in the Navy Yard

–  Leila Barzegar

  • Picnics in Meridian Hill Park on hot summer Sundays

–  Nina Foster

  • Going crabbing at the beach in North Carolina every summer with my family; least favorite memory – falling off the dock while crabbing when I was five years old. Ouch!

– Austin Courtney

  • Water skiing on Squirrel Lake with best friend, Jane

 – Jayne Davis

  • Running around my neighborhood the summer after Harriet the spy came out and writing journals and stories about my neighbors

– Nicole Tieman

  • Road trips to water parks

– Adrienne Lee

  • Hard to choose one: Opening day at the neighborhood pool — new bathing suit, new sun glasses, getting pushed into the pool by a cute boy; Watermelon, homemade peach ice cream, staying up late, catching lots of fireflies in a jar

– Judy Whittlesey

  • Family trips to beach in Cape May, NJ

– Dan Gregory

  • For the past 24 years my whole family has gone to OBX during 4th of July week. On the 4th, we spend the day at the beach, do a big family cookout and go watch fireworks at Corolla Lighthouse. It’s a given every year and that’s where I’ll be. It’s a memory, experience and tradition I’ll always treasure.

– Allison Kluh



By Jayne Davis, SDI

June 1, 2015