Stakeholder Communications

Stakeholders is a term used to describe those individuals and entities whose concerns and potential actions are particularly important to realization of your objectives. Stakeholders can be advocates or adversaries, and success in a given endeavor can ride on understanding how best to address their needs and concerns. SDI utilizes our trademark COMSEM process (Communications Sensitivity Matrix) to change behavior or values; build support, increase demand or prepare stakeholders for change. Through COMSEM, we identify issues and audiences; research audiences’ knowledge, attitudes and level of concern over key issues; create targeted messaging that reflects social and political realities; develop and implement strategic programming and outreach; and provide for ongoing evaluation. Services include:

  • Audience, materials and messaging analysis
  • Research, influencer surveys and polling
  • Issues and trends identification and analysis
  • Message development
  • Media and program development and outreach
  • Strategy and tactics
  • Evaluation tools

“When the competition had expertly used the regulatory process to eliminate my company, Susan Davis opened the crucial doors to tell our side of the story. It is in part due to their ability that we continue in business today.”

Jean Pierre Ruiz, CEO, Talgo, Inc.