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Live & Virtual Events

SDI has an international reputation for excellence in creating and delivering the highest quality results for events of all shapes, sizes and budgets. We have won more than 60 awards for special events that have ranged from audiences of 300 to 160,000 on the ground, and media audiences of billions.  We’ve designed and managed events for a dozen countries to promote trade, tourism and stronger relationships. We manage the largest event for women in uniform in the world, small conferences on smart aging and support walks for lung cancer research.  We care about the cause, the message and the mission.


  • Strategy, Branding and Design
  • Logistics
  • Production
  • Security and Protocol
  • Budget/Timeline/Contract Negotiations
  • Database Management/Registration
  • Creative Services
  • Public Relations
  • Virtual Events Capabilities


We’ve planned some of the largest historical events in the capitol of the U.S. and managed events around the world, including those with eight U.S. Presidents and 57 Heads of State.

We managed the Bicentennial of the Library of Congress,  the Centennial Commemoration of WWI, the dedications of the Martin Luther King Memorial, WWII Memorial, Holocaust Museum, Women’s Memorial, Japanese American Memorial to Patriotism, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial and the National Museum of the Marine Corps.


How We Helped 30 Million Listeners and Readers Commemorate the Centennial of World War I

SDI was selected by the WWI Centennial Commission as their national agency. To commemorate the centennial of WWI, SDI designed and developed a ceremony at the National World War l Museum in Kansas City, Missouri.

The event, “In Sacrifice for Liberty and Peace: Centennial Commemoration of the U.S. Entry into World War I,” took place on April 6, 2017. The dramatic setting of the Museum and Memorial made the perfect backdrop. Holding the ceremony at this unique location also spotlighted the collections of the Museum, the second largest collection of World War l artifacts (the largest being in Great Britain).

The compelling program held audiences spellbound as it presented the story of the U.S. entry into World War l through live performances, video and still images of the speeches, journalism, literature, poetry and important music of the time. High-profile speakers included family members of World War l icons Generals Pershing and Patton; musical performers in World War l dress both civilian and military; and representatives of populations that had faced discrimination yet demonstrated their patriotism, skills and value to their country through their service — women, immigrants, African Americans, and Native Americans. Choirs, choruses, bands, solo artists and students from the theater program at the local university contributed their dramatic and musical talents to the program as well.

More than 4,000 invited guests and public attendees representing 29 nations, 26 states and the District of Columbia attended. VIP participants and guests included governors; members of Congress; senior military officials; the mayor of Kansas City, who extended the official welcome; and senior representatives from seven nations who spoke of the impact and their gratitude for the U.S. entry into World War l.

Fast Facts

  • We assembled and directed a team of outstanding, yet cost-conscious, vendors, who brought together top-tier performers while remaining on budget.
  • We drew an enormous audience who viewed the program through a live stream (more than 14,000 media outlets, organizations and individuals) and C-SPAN 3, which aired the program twice nationwide.
  • We drew 75 reporters to the event from outlets including the Associated Press; Missouri Public Radio; NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX local affiliates that fed coverage to their networks; 2mas2KC and Dos Mundos.
  • We created, managed, and developed content for the commemoration website.