Madeline Merritt joined the team at Susan Davis International (SDI) in January as one of our spring interns.

She is from Denver, Colo., and is currently a senior at American University in Washington, D.C., studying public relations, business and entertainment. She’ll remain at American in the fall as she pursues her master’s degree in Strategic Communications.

Madeline says her two main addictions are chocolate and coffee, which makes her a perfect fit for SDI.

Here is more about Madeline:

Why are you interested in public relations?

I am definitely a people-person, so I love talking to people and making connections. I am drawn to public relations because it feels natural to me, and I like being at the helm of managing business reputation and branding with the public.

What is your favorite thing about Washington, D.C.?

I really love how driven and hardworking everyone is, and it drives me to be my best. I also like how willing most people are to help you – it’s a very friendly city.

How do you get your news and stay informed?

I like to get my news from nonconventional places like Twitter or from the podcasts that I listen to. I like to see the public discourse around news topics as it helps me develop my own opinions.

What is your opinion on social media, and its impact on society? Good or bad?

As someone in the PR field, I think social media has had a positive impact on society in terms of staying in touch with people and staying on top of news. That said, I think social media used in excess can be detrimental to teenagers and young adults due to the constant comparing of oneself to others.

Where would you like to be in 2030?

While I have no idea where this decade will take me, I at least want to be continuing my working life in the field of public relations. I want to be happy with where I live, who I surround myself with, and my career path. As long as I get to travel occasionally too, I will be grateful.