Ella Buss began her internship with Susan Davis International (SDI) in January, as she sought an opportunity to delve deeper into the world of public relations and strategic communications. A junior at the University of Colorado Boulder, Ella’s time in Washington, D.C. has been enriched by her participation in the Washington Media Institute, where she has honed her media, journalism and business skills.

Originally from Kansas, Ella has always been passionate about traveling and exploring different cultures worldwide. She visited Washington, D.C. several years ago and was enthralled with the district’s unique opportunities and cultures. She especially developed an affinity for D.C.’s coffee scene as well as its running community.

Ella has already made significant contributions across several clients. She helped the SDI team support the opening of the National Museum of the United State Army’s 80th Anniversary of D-Day exhibit and is providing valuable research for SDI’s work with the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore, which is currently gearing up for the 200th anniversary of the railroads in 2027.

Here’s more about Ella:

SDI Ella spotlight picWhat drove your interest in public relations?

I am passionate about public relations because it allows me to connect with people and share stories. PR creates lasting connections between audiences and companies/brands, which has the power to initiate change and share narratives. I enjoy the dynamic nature of public relations, as it presents new challenges that require creative, strategic solutions.

What is your favorite place to visit, and why?

My favorite place to visit is Utah. I have visited several places in Utah, including multiple ski resorts and national parks. I love that regardless of the season, there is always a different adventure to experience, whether it is skiing, hiking, camping, or climbing. My time in Utah is always filled with family and friends who further contribute to making the trips memorable.

Who inspires you, and why?

My parents are a major source of inspiration in my life. They are some of the most resilient and hardworking individuals that I know. Their unwavering dedication and perseverance inspire me to strive for excellence and take on new challenges. They are always mindful of the impact of their words and actions on others and go out of their way to make everyone around them feel seen and valued.

What is your opinion on social media? Good or bad for society?

Social media is an effective tool that positively and negatively impacts society. While it allows people to connect, inspire, and access information on a large scale, it also presents several dangers. I enjoy the general creative nature of social media and the opportunities it opens for discovering insights and better understanding audiences. Social media has, and will, continue to change the entire media landscape. This challenge is exciting for creating resonating messages and positive change.

How do you think public relations will change in the next 10 years?

Public relations is an increasingly vital industry due to new technologies, ever-growing social media platforms, and an evolving marketing industry. The online media space is becoming more segmented, which makes it important to understand audiences and how to deliver messages that resonate with them most effectively. I believe that public relations, advertising, and marketing teams will become more and more integrated for cohesive brand messaging across various channels.

What is it about your work for SDI that you find most inspiring/motivating/rewarding?

I am inspired by the team of SDI and their clients, who are committed to making a positive impact in the world. The SDI team comprises diligent and compassionate individuals with inspiring thought leadership skills dedicated to building meaningful connections. Working with SDI’s clients is rewarding, knowing that our work significantly impacts people’s lives. This internship is enriching with how many opportunities and people there are to learn from, and I know these lessons will stay with me into my career.