This article first appeared on the site of our client, Lungevity, on April 8 2014.


“LUNGevity Foundation is proud to honor our April LUNGevity Hero, Monica Barlow, an incredible, dynamic, talented young woman who passed away in late February.  An inspiration to so many and a beloved member of the LUNGevity team, Monica served as a vocal advocate for lung cancer research, both as a spokesperson for LUNGevity Foundation’s Breathe Deep Baltimore and DC events and in news articles raising awareness of the disease.  She also was always available as a resource to fellow lung cancer survivors.

Monica graduated from the College of William and Mary.  She began interning for the Baltimore Orioles in 1999 and, but for one year with the Richmond Braves, remained an Oriole until her death.  Monica became involved with LUNGevity Foundation after her own stage IV lung cancer diagnosis in 2009.  She had developed an incessant cough while training to run a half marathon.  A never smoker with no family history of lung cancer, she was shocked to learn that an inoperable nodule had developed on her left lung and had spread to her lymph nodes and liver.

Thanks to a clinical trial of crizotinib and the surgery removing 40 percent of the lung cancer mass, Monica was able to add years to her life.  Seeing first-hand the benefit of lung cancer research and new, innovative medical technologies, Monica was eager to share her story with the world, hoping to raise awareness that not only non-smokers could be diagnosed with the disease, but also that the research we do can extend lives.  She was also an extraordinary resource for fellow lung cancer survivors, providing support through in-person and over-the-phone meetings.  Her positive attitude and infectious spirit served as a beacon of hope for many.  Never defined by her disease, Monica continued to live life to its fullest, exploring the outdoors and hiking mountains with her husband Ben.

LUNGevity Foundation is so grateful to the Orioles and Monica’s many friends and family for their support of LUNGevity, championing lung cancer research in Monica’s memory.  The outpouring of support from across the nation is a testament to her character and the injustice in our world losing such a remarkable woman.  LUNGevity hopes that as we continue to raise awareness and make significant technological advances, we will one day know a time when no one dies from lung cancer.  During her lifetime, Monica was an inspiration to many who struggled with the disease, and that legacy will continue to inspire the research and strength in community that LUNGevity Foundation offers.  She will be dearly missed.”

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