Valentine's DayThat may not be your idea of love, but several hundred journalists said as much to PWR New Media. Contrary to the idea that love finds you when you least expect it, journalists do expect to find a little love in their inbox — most prefer releases delivered by email. Posting your releases to your social platforms throws a little more heat their way. It’s a favored hunting place for story ideas.

PWR heard this and many more ways to a journalist’s heart in their journalist survey.

While there’s plenty of love to go around when creating and delivering releases, we zeroed in on a few additional hot tips:

  • Depending on the strength of your social presence, sometimes a direct tweet on the release at a reporter with whom you have a relationship and know will be interested in the content or a featured quote will get you some traction.
  • Who wants more hum-drum in their lives? Not journalists. Put a red dress on that subject line and entice them into opening your email.
  • Play easy to get. Reporters want something formatted that’s easy to read —bullets, facts, figures. They want to be able to scan it for story potential rather than wade through poetic rhetoric.
  • Off With Your Head! Without a good headline, the body goes cold.

Everyone wants to feel a little love. Don’t make journalists the exception.


By Jayne Davis, SDI, February 13, 2015