Jose Marroquin

Strategic Consultant

Jose Carlos Marroquin, has over 20 years of executive experience in stakeholder communications, crisis management, marketing and political strategy. He is a former journalist, publisher, crisis manager and political consultant, Marroquin‘s expertise includes organizational development, political campaigns, international affairs, government relations, implementation of transparency in government and political party practices, and building international anti-corruption initiatives. He is a skillful negotiator and strategist, expert at fostering dialogue among business interests, universities, NGOs, diplomatic missions, political leaders, diverse communities, and international entities.  Most recently he played a major coordinating role with the Inter American Development Bank’s Plan for the Alliance of the Prosperity that includes Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and the United States.

Marroquin served as national campaign manager, spokesperson and senior strategist for former President of Guatemala, Alvaro Colom, overseeing the campaign budget, handling all operations and interacting daily with domestic and international media, NGOs, international and national funders, governmental and UN entities, and the diplomatic corps.

After working with President Colom to design the Plan de Gobierno, Marroquin focused on transparency and developing Guatemalan policies against organized crime and corruption. Marroquin also worked as a Senior Advisor to establish CICIG – The United Nations International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala, which has the unprecedented mandate of promoting accountability and strengthening rule of law by investigation and supporting the prosecution of clandestine structures operating within the government.

Marroquin is the former publisher and editor of La Hora, a national daily newspaper in Guatemala where he managed all aspects of the news, production, logistics, advertising and accounting. He has resided in the United States since 2009.