It’s 2011 and we are crossing into the second decade of the 21st century.  How time flies. If casual conversation among friends can be relied on for evidence of sentiments spreading among wider populations, then I can reliably report that the incredible advances in technology that we are experiencing daily are increasingly seen as a mixed blessing.  We’ve developed an extraordinary technological capability for doing more every day, but that capability seems to have given rise to the daily need to more.  This cheery thought prompts me to share a resolution that I intend to rely on in the coming months.

I will make time in my life to watch the sun rise, listen to the birds sing, feel the city stir around me. I will savor soft breezes, revel in each season, make time for old friends and make new friends. I will play golf without guilt, find time to dance, and share the unbridled enthusiasm my dog has each and every time we go for a walk.

Doing all these wonderful and truly meaningfully things while continuing to work 80 hours a week may seem challenging. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, and the infinite capacity to dream we all share, I harbor no doubt that 2011 will be an extraordinary year. I hope each of you makes time to pursue your passions this year, and your contentment increases many times over.

Happy New Year!

Susan Davis