Cyber Risk Team

SDI’s cyber risk communications team offers clients an extraordinary combination of experience and skills drawn from decades of high profile work around the world. Team members are intimately familiar with the universe of existing and emerging cyber threats, understand the operational, regulatory and legal landscape which is shaping the way corporations must combat those threats, and fully appreciate that a corporation’s reputation and accompanying shareholder value may be enhanced or damaged based on actions taken to respond to cyber breaches. The team’s rich array of perspectives, vast experience with crisis management and stakeholder communication, and thorough understanding of the rapidly evolving world of cybersecurity, privacy and data security, and response is a significant asset for any corporation dealing with cyber threats.

frank cFrank Cilluffo, Managing Director, joins SDI from George Washington University where he leads a number of national security and cyber security policy and research initiatives. Cilluffo was the former Special Assistant to the President for Homeland Security under President George W. Bush immediately following the attacks of 9-11.  He has testified on cyber security issues before the U.S. Congress over 25 times and consulted with senior corporate management across a multitude of industries.  A frequent cyber and homeland security analyst on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, CNN and Fox News, he has been published extensively in academic, law, business and policy journals, magazines and newspapers.

#1TomTom E. Davis, SDI Vice President, recognized for his expertise in crisis management and strategic communication, has developed, managed and evaluated comprehensive crisis simulations for and consulted with major corporations in the U.S., Kuwait, and Japan among others. Davis has worked with industries ranging from energy to infrastructure, telecommunications to defense, and finance to manufacturing.

#1robRob Dannenberg 
was Director of International Security Affairs for BP plc before joining Goldman Sachs where he became Director of Global Security.  He previously worked for the Central Intelligence Agency for 24 years, where he served in several senior leadership positions, including Chief of Operations for the Counter Terrorism Center, Chief of the Central Eurasia Division and Chief of the CIA’s Information Operations Center.

#1susanSusan Ann Davis, 
Chairman of Susan Davis International,  is expert in reputation management, strategic communications, stakeholder outreach and crisis counseling. Over her professional career, Davis has provided counsel to government and industry leaders on four continents and played a key strategic communications and government relations role in high profile cases ranging from product liability litigation to airline crashes, environmental threats and foreign government economic crises.

#1rhettLieutenant General Rhett Hernandez (Retired), the first commander of Army Cyber Command, is the West Point Cyber Chair to the Army Cyber Institute.  An expert on cyber strategy, threats, capabilities and operations including defense, training, leader development, incident response and risk management, Hernandez has testified before the HASC Emerging Threats and Capabilities subcommittee.  He is a highly regarding cyber consultant and speaker and an advisory board member for a wide range of companies.

George Platsis is a practitioner-educator who has worked in the United States, Canada, Asia and Europe, focusing on projects related to business development, risk/crisis management and cybersecurity. Much of his work focuses on “the people side” challenges associated with cyber and information security. He helps organizations perform strategic risk analyses and threat assessments, concentrating on human vulnerability issues such as technical inexperience/illiteracy, social engineering, and susceptibility to information warfare/operations. He also helps clients evaluate “the business side” of cybersecurity solutions in an age of rapidly increasing costs. He is the recipient of the 2013 Deloitte LLP Cybersecurity Award.