birthday candles 2If you ask Hallmark how to say Happy Birthday to those in  your work environment, they’ll feed you the generic line, “It’s a pleasure to work with you… and to wish you a happy birthday.” At Susan Davis International, we are anything but  generic.  Our wonderful CEO, Susan Davis, is celebrating her  birthday today and all of us at the SDI office as well as some of Susan’s close friends have a lot more to say than just,  “Happy Birthday.”


Susan is always looking around for young people that she can lift up, mentor, or coach through both their careers and lives. She truly enjoys sharing her own experiences with up and coming professionals.


When a former boss recommended that I look into an internship at SDI because of the woman who started the company, I knew before meeting Susan that she was a person of great strength and character. I’ve seen that confirmed in many ways since I started here. I’ll always remember when she invited all the interns for lunch and told us about her experience working with Egypt’s Minister of Defense in the Susan Davis1980s. A young woman, she flew to Egypt on her own and spent days negotiating and holding her own with some of the most prominent and powerful men in the country (even as they sized her up through an unspoken challenge to match their bourbon intake at dinner).

Susan, you’re an inspiration for me and for all women wishing to gain ground and make a difference in a changing world. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to learn from you this semester, and I hope to take away even a fraction of the gusto and influence you bring every day. Happy Birthday to an outstanding example!


It has been a pleasure working for you this semester. Your passion and “driving sense of mission” is truly amazing, and it has been an inspiration to me as I embark on my professional career.  I couldn’t have asked for a better internship environment and learning experience, as I’ve had the chance to work for the best.  I hope one day my library trophy case will be half the size of yours.

I wish you another year of success and happiness!

Julie Haupin

elvis While I’m still relatively new to the Susan Davis International team, Susan  has welcomed me with open arms. Beyond her inspiring leadership  and strong business savvy, Susan’s warmth and
sense of humor emanate throughout the entire office
. I especially  enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with her at a recent client dinner, and  look forward to our continued work together. Happy Birthday, Susan!

 Julie Seger

Happy Birthday!! I trust your special day is exciting, adventurous and all that you hoped for. I’ve had the greatest opportunity to be able to work with and learn from you. I’ve really gotten to know you over the past year and I value the relationship we share. I appreciate all that you’ve done for me and the SDI staff. Have a wonderful day and cheers to another great year!


The first time I got to sit down and talk to Susan was when she invited the interns to lunch.  I knew she was intelligent and accomplished but the stories she shared with us about her professional career were incredible to hear and extremely motivating as a young women entering the work world.  I feel very lucky that I’ve had the opportunity to work and learn at SDI.  It’s also nice to have a fellow Wisconsinite in DC! I wish the happiest of birthdays to you Susan!


Samsung Phone Photos 039

Thank you for serving as an inspiring example for young women like myself — and proving
what can happen when you follow your passion and dreams despite the challenges. You created this company at a time when few women owned businesses and succeeded remarkably.  Now, you help other
young women carry on the legacy of initiative and drive, both through Vital Voices and meetings with interns where you share your experiences and encourage them to dream. I wish you a very happy birthday.


Here is your birthday horoscope!  “Being a Scorpio born on November 18th, you’re as caring as you are determined. You dedicate yourself fully to all your relationships, which explains why you often find yourself looking out for the needs of others above all else. Your friends and family appreciate your nurturing ways, but they truly admire your determination. When confronted with a worthwhile challenge, there is nothing that will prevent you from conquering it. Your willpower is amongst your greatest strengths. And your dreams bring you lots of inspiration and hope for the future.”

Those astrologers got it right – wishing you an absolutely fantastic year ahead- Happy Birthday!


One of my favorite memories with Susan is when she took Aliza and me out to lunch at Brasserie Beck. I hardly touched my (delicious) food, because I was so engrossed in Susan’s stories.  Her experiences working on a diverse range of clients make for some amazing stories—not only were they very entertaining, they also spoke to her entrepreneurial and creative spirit. I feel lucky to have such a strong female role model in my professional life.  Wishing you all the best on your birthday, Susan!


Happy Birthday to the wonderful Susan, the only woman I know who serves pork at a dinner party for Jewish guests and who love her so much they eat it and ask for second helpings!”

Love from Norman x 

susanbdayresize1 S-sweet, is what she likes to eat.

 U– never know what she will have you do

 S-serious about have FUN

 A-adventure is her middle name

 N-never considers quitting (especially at having FUN) Happy bday!!!

Meet me for a donut!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the amazing Susan — who gets more done in a day than most of us accomplish in a week.  Hope that on THIS day, though, you’ll be able to slow down a bit and just savor… starting with a life already oh-so-well lived and a future that beckons with even more opportunity to do good and have fun.  Also trust you’ll remember that birthdays are Mother Nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake.  (And speaking of moms, congratulations to Vivian too!)

Love,  Carol


susanbdayresize3 susanbdayresize2Dear Susan, Pictures are worth a thousand words. Wishing an old and  dear friend a very Happy Birthday!


 Sharon Borth

 (Lest you forget, that’s Sister Marlene)


Disco Susan,

Too bad I can’t find a photo of you in your hot bell-bottom clingy polyester jump suit with sparkles on the front.  Ah, the early seventies were so much fun. You may have changed your outfits to St John’s knits, but the belle of the ball dancing queen is still inside. Wishing you many, many more decades of having too much fun!

Happy Birthday,

Fran Ulmer  


Dear Susan,  We’ve been friends a long time (dare I say 40+ years?  I think so)…During that time we’ve
collaborated in business, enjoyed our pleasure, invested ourselves in philanthropy and I have admired you throughout.  You are one of the most generous, selfless and beautiful individuals I’ve been proud to have as a cherished friend.  When I brought you into the Vital Voices inner circle more about a dozen years ago, I should have known you would go right to the top of that organization and do the fantastic job you have done managing and carrying it to new heights. For that I thank you and for all the other adventures we’ve shared, let’s just say it’s been great and I hope there are a lot more adventures yet to come.  Lastly, let me say that you are a great daughter. In fact, I admire your entire family for the tremendous love and kindness that exudes from the whole Davis clan.  And, on your birthday, dear Susan, there are no wishes better than an Irish blessing:  May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live.


Mary Daley Yerrick

Happy Birthday, dear Susan!

“To me, fair friend,

you never can be old,

for as you were when

first your eye I eyed,

such seems your beauty still.” (Sonnet 104)

I am a great Susan Davis admirer. You are a Renaissance woman: vibrant, upbeat, fun loving, brilliant, “go to and get around” gal: whether DC, Capitol Hill, Arena, Vital Voices, and, of course, Ireland.  With all that traveling, you continue to show your commitment to family values.

I love being with you for your enthusiasm which is contagious, your caring about others, and your joie de vivre.

So, dear friend, have a great birthday and a great year!







Dear Susan, So many special days, so many more ahead.

 Love, Marcia

Hi Susan 

How wonderful to be able to wish you happiness void health and prosperity in your business. With my best wishes for a long and lovely life with God’s blessings.

Mary Piyatissa

Sister – I speak for the crowd.

You can talk me into anything. I like that about you, and I hate that about you. But I love everything else (including your closet). Skol!



Hi Susan, Thank you for being so kind and generous of spirit for many years now. The scariest moment was when I brought my friend Tim to your Halloween party in Georgetown and he became a gay icon overnight!! Great memories of a great individual who has done so much for US-Irish relations. Happy birthday Susan and hope to see you soon.

Your friends forever,

Liam and Cathy

Seems like only yesterday. September evening with the smell of burning leaves in the air. Susan walking home with Glen Simonis, and me walking a couple steps behind looking at a flight of snow geese silhouetted against a full moon. Susan says “you know what you did…” Glen replies “no, I don’t, tell me…”  Susan, “you know what you did…” Glen continuing to profess ignorance of his transgression and bewilderment.  So, when the interminable moment finally does end, and Glen disappears, I say…”so what did he do?”  Answer, “nothing, just need to keep him on his toes.”  From the beginning, she’s Untitled2 always had a plan, and she’s playing chess while you’re playing checkers.

 Bro, Tom

 Super Susan … Life force and energizer bunny and extraordinary  networker…Not to mention her role as the Royal Flush of the Poker Pals  group! Hope you have a wonderful bday and that you keep us all on your list for  adventures to come



“It’s so nice that you decided to go back to your natural color.”

Happy birthday to my loving, comforting, fun, creative, stimulating, smart soulmate of close to (eeeek!) 30 years! Here’s to many, many more!!  Love you, dear buddy.

P.S. Still looking forward to that airplane.



Wherever you are, there goes my heart. And whatever brings  you joy, makes me joyful tenfold. (Except to beat me in UNO)

 Happy Birthday my darling,





Maddie Packard, SDI 

Maddie is a senior at St. Norbert College studying Media Communications and Business

November 18, 2015