How We Built One of the Most Recognized and Respected Military-Support Brands in America

 Fast Facts

  • We boosted the number of military-support organizations participating in ASY from a few dozen to nearly 400.
  • We grew the number of corporate supporters from three to 40, including Bank of America, McDonalds, Microsoft, Target, and Toyota, as well as the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL.
  • We developed relationships with, and earned major coverage from, national and regional media, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, People,,, and many others.

For four years, SDI was honored to activate and shepherd the America Supports You (ASY) program on behalf of the Department of Defense.

ASY’s mission was simple: to assure military members that a grateful nation supported their service. We accomplished this goal through a multifaceted campaign that won multiple awards and touched lives. Indeed, we established ASY as one of the most recognized and respected military-support brands in America.


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Allison Barber

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Department of Defense