The past three months have been unlike any other in modern history, as the COVID-19 pandemic impacted every one of us across the globe. We hope that you have remained safe and healthy, along with your family, friends and colleagues.

As we wrote as COVID-19 came ashore in the United States, “We’ve seen many unforeseen challenges arise and we’ve learned that difficult times call for strength, perseverance, sound judgment, and reliance on bedrock values.”

Good leaders understand the importance of communications. Research from the Institute For Public Relations found that 81% of senior leaders believe it’s an “important” or “very important” function for companies and organizations in responding to COVID-19

The lessons learned during our more than four decades in business have proven beneficial as we work with our clients and partners throughout the world, to overcome the common challenges that we all face. Throughout, SDI has worked to deliver support to our clients.

We’ve delivered results when they are needed most. We’ve helped our corporate clients develop COVID-19 messaging that resonated with media and employees alike and shaped their public response for the crisis. We’ve assisted clients with messaging for essential workers to help them properly tell the general public how employees are being kept safe. Our team supporting the Defense Health Agency has worked around the clock to ensure the 9.5 million TRICARE beneficiaries understand the many ways COVID-19 can affect them. We’ve secured media coverage for our clients on television and radio, and in hundreds of publications. We’ve worked hard to help our non-profit clients remain visible in the public eye.

We are also acutely aware of the unique challenges facing the events industry. We’ve transitioned several large in-person events to a virtual format for later in 2020, and continue to identify innovative ways to bring these new formats to life.

Sharing the knowledge gained from decades of crisis work has provided us the opportunity to further our position as thought leaders, with articles from SDI executives published in multiple outlets, including PR Daily and PR News.

The reality of COVID-19 is that we are far from the pandemic finish line. You’ve heard the phrase “new normal” a thousand times in the past week, and with good reason. Our world has changed this year, and it will never look the same.

Now, as we cautiously move to re-enter our workspaces, we can anticipate new challenges. SDI is here to help, as we always are.

We know that businesses and organizations must reshape and reimagine their public messaging, while ensuring the health and safety of their employees. It’s a delicate balance, especially in today’s media climate. We can help ensure your messages are aligned and resonating with all of your stakeholders and with the media.

For those of you with whom we are working, we are proud to be your partner in crisis. For those of you who may need some help, drop us a line or give us a call. Let’s start a conversation on how SDI can help.