OpportunityAn essential part of business, particularly in Washington, D.C., is enlisting the talent of interns throughout the course of the year. Their enthusiasm, talents and ideas inspire our staff and motivate us to see projects and challenges from new perspectives.

Our wonderful team of interns joined us when snow covered the ground and gray clouds filled the sky. They jumped into their various assignments, and provided support across our multi-faceted client base. They compiled news clips, wrote stories, engaged with the media, and worked events- all with determination and poise.

Now, as flowers bloom and the spring semester winds down, our current class of interns is looking forward to summer breaks full of family, friends, and new opportunities. Although it’s always sad to say goodbye, we appreciate the time these young men and women dedicated to our firm and hope that as they go out into the world, they can take lessons learned and skills developed here and apply them to make life a little brighter for everyone they encounter.

Thank you Alex, Carly, Sam and Sarah for your hard work over the past four months. It has been a pleasure to help you on your path to success, and we are grateful for your ideas, hard work, and spirit. Good luck to you all!


By Nicole Tieman, SDI

May 9, 2015