SDI’s Cyber Risk  team has an extraordinary combination of experience and skills drawn from decades of high profile work around the world. Team members are intimately familiar with and can access knowledge about  the universe of specific  existing and emerging cyber threats, understand the global  operational, regulatory and legal landscape and can speak the language of the Board Room, the C Suite and the CISO. Our team’s rich array of perspectives, vast experience with cyber, crisis management and stakeholder communication, and thorough understanding of the rapidly evolving world of cybersecurity, privacy, and data security and response is a significant asset for any corporation concerned about their stakeholders, their reputation and potential financial loss.


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SDI’s Cyber Risk Communications Practice provides:

  • Global threat intelligence
  • Enterprise-wide  consulting on prevention, mitigation, response and remediation
  • Cyber crisis exercising
  • Board and corporate governance roles
  • Incident response and cyber crisis communications planning
  • Real time incident response and cyber crisis management support
  • Evaluation of cyber risk communication and public affairs plans
  • Public affairs, legislative, regulatory counsel and advocacy .
  • Management and employee awareness and training