In our business, a reputation is built one client at a time. For more than thirty years we’ve been helping clients solve problems, solidify reputations, create new programs, deal with crisis, communicate with key audiences and achieve outstanding results, no matter how ambitious their goals. We are skilled at listening, advising, strategizing, creating and delivering. We are experts at stakeholder communications and public stakeholder engagement. We are adroit practitioners of  partnership and relationship building. We shine at storytelling and at reaching diverse audiences in the smallest of locales and across the globe. We understand the nexus between planning and response, and when the chips are down, excel at crisis communications and crisis management. Clients stay with us, return to us and recommend us, because we earn their respect and confidence. We continue to build our reputation for excellence, one client at a time.

Eight things to know about us:

  1. Global reach through a $200 million network of 70 plus partner agencies, 1500 staff and over 100 offices worldwide.
  2. Named one of the “Top 5 Public Affairs Agencies” in the U.S.
  3. Diverse client base:  U.S. government agencies, foreign governments, multinationals, corporations and trade associations, small businesses and non-profits.
  4. Leadership team has counseled prime minsters, presidents, vice presidents, cabinet secretaries and U.S. Defense officials, governors, mayors, U.S. Senators and Representatives
  5. Unique expertise communicating about, for and to our nation’s defense community, military men, women, families and veterans.
  6. Supported over 20 foreign governments for public affairs, nation branding, public relations and crisis management.
  7. Built/ saved/and/or restored reputations of corporations, governments, organizations and individuals.
  8. Wealth of knowledge about global cybersecurity, privacy and data security threats and best practices.